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Writing and CampNaNoWriMo and all the other shit that has no connection to the reviews

Hello, fellow readers, writers, friends and fellas, or whoever the hell decided to read this!

As a fellow half-professional reviewer and book reader and a part-time amateur writer, I’d be very grateful if some of you would be so kind to check my story out on Wattpad. Yes, yes, you read it right, I’m writing this just for my own self-promotion because, you know, I’m a selfish piece of shit that only writes here anything other than reviews when she needs some promotion….. Okay, I’m not really that bad. Just a little. But aren’t all of us, in some way? So yeah, I’m sorry if I seem like a prick right now, but as someone who craves feedback – positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, just that it’s constructive – I can’t find any other way to post this and sound less selfish. I swear that I really, really appreciate anyone who finds their time to read my reviews, and like them and follow me on here (seriously, thank you guys a bunch!!!), and I really wish I was writing some normal blog posts but I just haven’t done that since I was 12, so I don’t know how? And my life’s not that interesting anyway, mostly because I’m a teenager that spends most of her time stuck in her room, reading, writing or baking (seriously, you wouldn’t believe) or playing in Photoshop or some other nerdy stuff like that. So yeah, I’m nowhere near interesting, that’s why no blog posts.

The thing is, I like writing. And I like getting better in my writing. And I like critics and everything that comes with it. So if you have a bit of time, I’d be more than happy if you’d read the prologue of my book/story or whatever it is that it is. I love you all, honestly. 😀